Shipyard Locations and Asbestos Exposure

The ship building industry has a history of asbestos usage. Marine construction and repair work would take place in the shipyards, dockyards or drydocks. U.S. Navy Veterans’, maritime workers and shipyard workers would construct, overhaul and repair large U.S. Navy and commercial vessels. During this time the U.S. Navy personnel, maritime workers and shipyard workers would be exposed to asbestos-containing materials. Some of the asbestos containing materials often found in the shipyard were boilers, insulation, turbines, pumps, gaskets and cement.

Another occupation at the shipyard that was exposed to asbestos was the longshoremen. Longshoremen were often subjected to asbestos exposure when they were loading and unloading these U.S. Navy or commercial vessels. The U.S. Navy Veterans’, maritime workers, shipyard workers’ and longshoremen’s exposure to asbestos often resulted in the development of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma.

State-specific examples shipyards, dockyards or dry docks were there was a high risk of asbestos exposure includes the following:


Alabama Dry Dock
Bender Shipbuilding


Seward Ship’s Drydock


Bethelehem Shipyard, San Francisco and Terminal Island,
San Francisco Drydock,
Todds Shipyard, San Francisco and Los Angeles,
Consolidated Shipyards,
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard,
Kaiser Shipyard,
Long Beach Naval Shipyard,
Mare Island Naval Shipyard,
Moore Drydock,
National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, San Diego; General Dynamics NASSCO,
San Diego Naval Shipyard,
Southwest Marine Shipyard, San Diego,
National Shipyards,
Naval Repair Center,
Naval Weapons Station,
Richmond Shipyard,
Rough and Ready Island Ship Repair,
Alameda Naval Shipyard,
Todd Shipyard, Oakland and San Pedro,
U.S. Naval Shipyard,
Terminal Island U.S. Naval Shipyard and U.S Naval Operating Base,
Vallejo Shipyard and
Western Shipyard.


Groton Electric Boat Company and Groton Naval Base.


Atlantic Dry Dock,
Gulf Marine Repair Corporation,
Mayport Navy Station,
The Hendry Corporation,
Tampa Bay Shipbuilding,
Gibbs Shipyard (Aerojet) in Jacksonville and St. Johns,
Gibbs Shipyard in Tampa and
Pensacola Naval Air Station or Pensacola Navy Yard.


Pearl Harbor Shipyard


Bollinger Shipyards in Lockport,
Avondale Shipyard and Higgins Shipyard in New Orleans and
Conrad Industries in Morgan City.


Bath Iron Works
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard


Baltimore Marine Industries,
Bethlehem Shipbuilding in Sparrows Point,
Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore,
Ellicott International and
Key Highway Shipyard.


Boston Navy Yard,
Charleston Navy Yard,
Fore River Shipyard and
General Ship Corp.


Defoe Shipbuilding Company in Bay City


Ingalls Shipbuilding and the Naval Station at Pascagoula

New Hampshire

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

New Jersey

New York Shipbuilding Corporation, Naval Weapons Station and Todds Shipyard

New York

Brooklyn Navy Shipyard,
Caddell Dry Dock,
GMD Shipyard,
Todd Shipyards in Brooklyn and
New York Shipbuilding Corp.


Albina Shipyard,
Astoria Voyage Repair Station,
Cascade General Shipyard,
Dyer Shipyard,
Gunderson/FMC Shipyard in Portland,
Kaiser Shipyard in Portland,
Northwest Marine Ironworks,
Portland Shipyard,
South Portland Shipyard,
Swan Island Shipyard,
Tongue Point Naval Shipyard and
Williamette Iron and Steel Yard.


Bethlehem Steel Shipyard,
Key Highway Shipyard,
Penn Shipbuilding,
Pennsylvania Shipyard in Beaumont,
U.S. Navy Yard in Philadelphia,
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and
Sun Shipbuilding in Chester.

Rhode Island

Newport Naval Yard

South Carolina

Braswell Services Group,
Carolina Shipping Company in Charleston,
Charleston Navy Shipyards and Detyens Shipyards, Inc. in North Charleston.


Colonna’s Shipyard in Norfolk,
Little Creek Amphibious Base at Virginia Beach,
Lyon Shipyard,
National Shipyards,
Newport News Naval Shipyard,
Norfolk Naval Shipyard,
PHILLYSHIP of Norfolk in Portsmouth,
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and
USX Shipyard.


Bremerton Naval Shipyard,
Strategic Weapons Facility,
Duwamish Shipyard,
Lake Union Drydock,
Lockhead Shipyard,
Marco Shipyard,
Naval Station Everett,
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard,
Puget Sound Bridge Yards in Seattle,
Tacoma Drydock,
Vancouver Shipyard (Kaiser) and
Voyage Repair Station Port Angeles

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