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If you or a loved one has received a mesothelioma diagnosis, understandably, your initial reaction is one of shock. It can be difficult to start thinking about where you might turn to for treatment and assistance with your illness.

As attorneys who focus exclusively on providing legal representation to mesothelioma victims who have developed the cancer as a result of being exposed to asbestos, we have compiled a list of treatment centers available. While mesothelioma has traditionally been difficult to treat, there are methods and treatment centers designed to try and catch the disease early and prolong the life of those suffering with the cancer, while also allowing them to have a better overall quality of life.

At the Throneberry Law Group, we have been representing mesothelioma victims for years, starting with principal attorney Michael Throneberry’s own father, who was diagnosed with the cancer in 2004. Ever since, we have devoted 100 percent of our time to helping those suffering from mesothelioma find the treatment and legal representation that they need. We are here to help you and your family with next steps in ensuring that your medical expenses are covered.

Methods of Treatment

Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have all been used to treat mesothelioma. The lining of the best is removed in a procedure known as a pleurectomy/decortication.

Sometimes, after performing surgery, patients will also be treated with radiation (even simultaneously with chemotherapy). Radiation has typically been effective at reducing the size of the tumors and even preventing additional growth; sometimes even improving breathing abilities in doing so. However, of all the treatment methods, chemotherapy has been proven to be the most successful at shrinking patients’ tumors and increase remission.

Other–more experimental therapies used to treat mesothelioma–have included immunotherapy, multimodality therapy, heated intraoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy, and a few others that have yielded mixed results.

Treatment Centers

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is crucial that you seek out medical assistance as early as possible. Some of the cancer centers that specialize in treating mesothelioma specifically include:

Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital
300 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

11100 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
9500 Euclid Avenue, F24
Cleveland, Ohio 44195

UC Barrett Cancer Center
234 Goodman Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

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