Navy Guided Missile Destroyer, Guided Missile Frigate and Radar Picket Destroyer & Asbestos Exposure

The list below contains the U.S. Navy’s Guided Missile Destroyers and Frigates and Radar Picket Destroyers. U.S. Navy Sailors, shipyard and maritime workers and longshoremen were often unknowingly exposed to asbestos. The exposure to asbestos can result in the development of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma.

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Guided Missile Destroyer Index:

USS Barney DDG 6
USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG 22
USS Berkeley DDG 15
USS Buchanan DDG 14
USS Callaghan DDG 994 (Ex DD994)
USS Chales F. Adams DDG 2
USS Chandler DDG 996 (Ex DD996)
USS Claude V. Ricketts DDG 5
USS Cochrane DDG 21
USS Conyngham DDG 17
USS Coontz DDG 40
USS Dahlgren DDG 43
USS Decatur DDG 31 (ex DD 936)
USS Dewey DDG 45
USS Farragut DDG 37
USS Goldsborough DDG 20
USS Henry B. Wilson DDG 7
USS Hoel DDG 13
USS John King DDG 3
USS John Paul Jones DDG 32 (ex DD 932)
USS John S. McCain DDG 36
USS Joseph Strauss DDG 16
USS Kidd DDG 993 (Ex DD993)
USS King DDG 41
USS Lawrence DDG 4
USS Luce DDG 38
USS Lynde McCormick DDG 8
USS Macdonough DDG 39
USS Mahan DDG 42
USS Mitscher DDG 35
USS Parsons DDG 33 (ex DD 949)
USS Preble DDG 46
USS Righard E. Byrd DDG 23
USS Robison DDG 12
USS Sampson DDG 10
USS Scott DDG 995 (Ex DD995)
USS Sellers DDG 11
USS Semmes DDG 18
USS Somers DDG 34 (ex DD 947)
USS Tattnall DDG 19
USS Towers DDG 9
USS Waddell DDG 24
USS William V. Pratt DDG 44

Guided Missile Frigate Index:

USS Brooke FFG 1
USS Julius A. Furer FFG 6
USS Ramsey FFG 2
USS Richard L. Page FFG 5
USS Schofield FFG 3
USS Talbot FFG 4

Radar Picket Destroyer Index:

USS Benner DDR 807
USS Bordelon DDR 881
USS Charles P. Cecil DDR 835
USS Chevalier DDR 805
USS Corry DDR 817
USS Dennis J. Buckley DDR 808
USS Duncan DDR 874
USS Dyess DDR 880, DD 880
USS Ernest G. Small DDR 838
USS Eugine A. Green DDR 711
USS Everett F. larson DDR 830
USS Fechteler DDR 870
USS Fiske DDR 842
USS Frank Knox DDR 724
USS Furse DDR 882
USS Goodrich DDR 831
USS Hanson DDR 832
USS Henry W. Tucker DDR 875
USS Herbert J. Thomas DDR 833
USS Higbee DDR 806
USS Hwakins DDR 873
USS Kenneth D. Bailey DDR 713
USS Leary DDR 879
USS McKean DDR 784
USS Myles C. Fox DDR 829
USS Newman K. Perry DDR 883, DD 883
USS O’hare DDR 889
USS Perkins DDR 877
USS Rogers DDR 876, DD 876
USS Southerland DDR 743, DD 743
USS Steinaker DDR 863
USS Stickell DDR 888
USS Turner DDR 834
USS Vesole DDR 878
USS William M. Wood DDR 715
USS William R. Rush DDR 714

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