Navy Frigates & Asbestos Exposure

The ensuing list provides the frigates that likely contained asbestos containing materials and exposed countless unsuspecting U.S. Navy Sailors, shipyard and maritime workers and longshoremen to asbestos. The exposure to asbestos can result in the development of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma.

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U.S. Navy Frigate Index:

USS Abilene PF 58
USS Ainsworth FF 1090
USS Albert David FF 1050
USS Albuquerque PF 7
USS Alexandria PF 18
USS Annapolis PF 15
USS Asheville PF 1
USS Aylwin FF 1081
USS Badger FF 1071
USS Bagley FF 1069
USS Bangor PF 16
USS Barbey FF 1088
USS Bayonne PF 21
USS Beaufort PF 59
USS Belfast PF 35
USS Bisbee PF 46
USS Blakely FF 1072
USS Bowen FF 1079
USS Bradley FF 1041
USS Brewton FF 1086
USS Brownsville PF 10
USS Brumby FF 1044
USS Brunswick PF 68
USS Bulfport PF 20
USS Burlington PF 51
USS Capodanno FF 1093
USS Carson City PF 50
USS Casper PF 12
USS Charlotte PF 60
USS Connole FF 1056
USS Cook FF 1083
USS Coronado PF 38
USS Corpus Christi PF 44
USS Covington PF 56
USS Davenport PF 69
USS Davidson FF 1045
USS Donald B. Beary FF 1085
USS Downes FF 1070
USS Edward McDonnell FF 1043
USS El Paso PF 41 Frigate
USS Elmer Montgomery
USS Eugene PF 40
USS Evansville PF 70
USS Everett PF 8
USS Fanning FF 1076
USS Forsyth PF 102
USS Francis Hammond FF 1067
USS Gallup PF 47
USS Garcia FF 1040
USS Gladwyne PF 62
USS Glandale PF 36
USS Glover FF 1098
USS Grand Forks PF 11
USS Grand Island PF 14
USS Gray FF 1054
USS Greensboro PF 101
USS Harold E. Holt FF 1074
USS Hepburn FF 1055
USS Hoquiam PF 5
USS Huron PF 19
USS Hutchinson PF 45
USS Jesse L. Brown FF 1089
USS Joseph Hewes FF 1078
USS Key West PF 17
USS Kirk FF 1087
USS Knox FF 1052
USS Knoxville PF 64
USS Koelsch FF 1049
USS Lang FF 1050
USS Lockwood FF 1064
USS Long Beach PF 34
USS Lorain PF 93
USS Marvin Shields FF 1066
USS McCandless FF 1084
USS Meyerkord FF 1058
USS Milledgeville PF 94
USS Miller FF 1091
USS Moberley PF 63
USS Moinester FF 1097
USS Muskogee PF 49
USS Natches PF 2
USS New Bedford PF 71
USS O’Callahan FF 1051
USS Ogden PF 39
USS Orange PF 43
USS Orlando PF 99
USS Ouellet FF 1077
USS Pasco PF 6
USS Patterson FF 1051
USS Paul FF 1080
USS Peoria PF 67
USS Pharris FF 1094
USS Pocatello PF 9
USS Pueblo PF 13
USS Racine PF 100
USS Rathburne FF 1057
USS Reading PF 66
USS Reasoner FF 1063
USS Roark FF 1053
USS Robert E. Peary FF 1073
USS Rockford PF 48
USS Sample FF 1048
USS San Pedro PF 37
USS Sausalito PF 4
USS Sheboygan PF 57
USS Stein FF 1065
USS Tacoma PF 3
USS Thomas C. Hart FF 1092
USS Trippe FF 1075
USS Truett FF 1095
USS Uniontown PF 65
USS Valdez FF 1096
USS Van Buren PF 42
USS Voge FF 1047
USS Vreeland FF 1068
USS W.S. Sims FF 1059
USS Whipple FF 1052

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