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Ohio Mesothelioma Attorney Serving Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland

Lawyers Focusing On Obtaining Justice for Victims of Mesothelioma in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Ohio

For many U.S. families, a mesothelioma diagnosis of a loved one is nothing short of devastating for them. Not only do families have to deal with this devastating illness in their lives, but they also have to live with the realization that the cancer was caused by the victim’s exposure to asbestos, sometimes creating a feeling of helplessness and lack of control.

Those suffering from mesothelioma also often have to deal with expensive medical bills and other costs associated with their condition, as well as pain and suffering. It is natural to want to seek justice in response to developing this rare, incurable form of cancer which could have been prevented, had those manufacturing asbestos been more forthright about how hazardous it’s always been.

Litigation is often the route that families want to pursue in the wake of a diagnosis; however, when pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit, it is crucial that you work with someone who focuses on handling cases linked to asbestos exposure. While the link between asbestos and mesothelioma is well-founded, establishing the cause and effect relationship in a particular case—as well as who is specifically responsible—takes particular resources and experience.

About Asbestos Exposure

For many years before its hazardous nature became public knowledge, asbestos manufacturers knew just how dangerous the material was. And for decades, this reality was hidden from the public, placing many—especially those who worked in particular industries and came into contact with asbestos regularly—at risk of developing this deadly cancer. On top of this, the symptoms associated with mesothelioma—coughing, painful breathing, shortness of breath, fatigue, pleural effusion, etc.—take years to manifest after initially being exposed to asbestos; in fact, it can take upwards of 50 years for the symptoms to show up at all. In addition, if and when they finally do, medical professionals can sometimes confuse mesothelioma with other, more benign conditions such as respiratory infections. Ultimately, in order to diagnose a patient with mesothelioma, a biopsy needs to be done.

Zealous Legal Representation

If you or a loved one is suffering in the wake of a mesothelioma diagnosis, we are here to help. The Throneberry Law Group offers compassionate representation with many years of combined experience representing victims of mesothelioma and ensuring that they receive the compensation they need to cover their medical bills and address any pain and suffering that they and their family have endured. Our team focuses exclusively on representing victims of mesothelioma, and we understand, personally, what it is like for a family to live with this illness. We have recovered millions for our clients, and we are here to work for you.

The Throneberry Law Group – Ohio mesothelioma attorney serves mesothelioma victims in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and across Ohio Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can get started helping you and your family get through this.