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When it comes to many types of cancer, we still don’t know enough about the source and details of its development. However, it is well-established that exposure to asbestos causes mesothelioma; a type of cancer which covers the linking of various organs–most commonly the lungs and chest–and rarely occurred before asbestos was used commercially. The symptoms can sometimes be deceiving, as they can resemble other types of respiratory issues characterized by persistent coughing, weight loss, exhaustion, shortness of breath, chest pain, etc. They also take years—upwards of 50 years—to develop, thus diagnosis tends occur late in life, often after age 65.


Studies have shown that mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos, and the risk increases directly in accordance with the amount of exposure. Many individuals are exposed to asbestos through their work, as mesothelioma can often correspond with working in certain types of industries, such as manufacturing and construction. In addition, people who live with those who work with asbestos also face a high risk of developing the cancer due to also being exposed to asbestos fibers through their clothes, etc.

It is considered “indisputable” that exposure to asbestos is associated with the development of mesothelioma. Most workers started being exposed to asbestos on a commercial level in the 1940s, and an increased risk of developing mesothelioma was first found amongst naval personnel, as well as shipyard workers and those who worked in the construction industry.

The United States is one of the only countries that have not completely banned the use of asbestos, even though both the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency have admonished that the existing exposure limits established by regulations are not adequate enough to prevent or protect against cancers—such as mesothelioma—caused by exposure to asbestos. This leaves millions of Americans still at risk, every day, of developing mesothelioma.


The states of mesothelioma are classified in four stages, one-A to four, based on the TNM classification of the primary tumor:

Stage Description
Stage One tumor is found in the pleura with potential involvement of lungs as well;
Stage two tumor is found in the pleura with some involvement of chest lymph nodes;
Stage three tumor has extended into chest wall, ribs, heart, diaphragm, or peritoneum with or without involvement of lymph nodes;
Stage four tumor has spread through the bloodstream.


While over 90 percent of individuals with mesothelioma die of the cancer, there are treatments available, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. There is also a procedure to prevent fluid from building up around the lungs called pleurodesis and medications used to accompany chemotherapy—pemetrexed and cisplatin.

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