Railroad Occupations & Asbestos Exposure


The railroad companies used asbestos extensively even though it new that asbestos exposed a serious health threat to railroad workers. Up to the 1970s, the railroad industry used asbestos contaminated products at the detriment of the railroad workers. There are even some accounts that some locomotives contained asbestos until the late 1990s. The railroad industry had a long standing dependence on asbestos through its use to repair and manufacture a variety of train surfaces and parts. As a result, countless unsuspecting railroad workers over the past two centuries have been unknowingly exposed to asbestos.

Railroad Occupations & Mesothelioma

For railroad workers, the asbestos at the roundhouse, back shops or repair facilities asbestos was the most dangerous. When inhaled, asbestos can attach to the mesothelial lining of the lung. This exposure in railroad worker often resulted in mesothelioma, the deadly form of cancer that can affect the lining of the lungs or abdomen or the heart. Please see the list below for examples of occupations in the railroad industry where there is a high risk for asbestos exposure.

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Attorney Michael Throneberry has personal experience with mesothelioma from his father’s death. In fact, that’s what led him to devote his law practice to asbestos litigation. We understand the physical, financial and emotional impact of asbestos disease on the victim and the family. We are with you every step of the way through your medical treatment and pursuit of justice for mesothelioma or occupational lung cancer.

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Railroad Industry Occupations & Asbestos Exposure:

Railroad Lagger
Railroad Mechanic
Railroad Oiler
RR Forger
Railroad Car Repairman
Railroad Fire Box Installer
RR Blacksmith
RR Burner
RR Brakeman
Roundhouse Worker
Railroad Back shop Worker
Railroad Repair Facility Worker
Railroad Supply House Worker
Railroad Fireman
Railroad Car Construction Worker
RR Welder
RR Steamfitter
RR Pipefitter
Railroad Insulator
Railroad Boilermaker
Railroad Plumber
Worker in Railroad Repair Shop
Railroad Grinding Room Worker
RR Brake Line Worker
RR Shoe & Brake Installer
Railroad Workers in or around Grinding Room or Grinder
RR Brake Line and Shoe Repairman
Railroad Pipe Insulator

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