Navy Cruisers & Asbestos Exposure

The ensuing list provides the cruisers that contained asbestos containing materials and exposed countless unsuspecting U.S. Navy Sailors, shipyard and maritime workers and longshoremen to asbestos. The exposure to asbestos can result in the development of asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma.

Our lawyers understand the urgency, and we work quickly to identify veterans’ duty stations, service dates and assignments to pinpoint the products and machines encountered during their Navy stint. We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation and we will come to you, anywhere in the United States. Call toll free at 888-506-1131 or use our online contact form.

U.S. Navy Cruiser Index:

USS Alaska (CB 1)
USS Albany (PG 36/CL 23)
USS Albany (CA 123/CG 10)
USS Amsterdam (CL 101)
USS Arkansas (CGN 41)
USS Astoria (CL 34/CA 34)
USS Astoria(CL 90)
USS Atlanta
USS Atlanta (CL 51)
USS Atlanta (CL 104/IX 304)
USS Augusta (CL 31/CA 31)
USS Bainbridge (DLG 25/CGN 25)
USS Baltimore (C 3)
USS Baltimore (CA 68)
USS Belknap (DLG 26/CG 26)
USS Belleau Wood (CL 76/CV 24/CVL 24)
USS Biddle (DLG 34/CG 34)
USS Biloxi (CL 80)
USS Birmingham (CS 1/CL 2)
USS Birmingham (CL 62)
USS Boise (CL 47)
USS Boston (IX 1)
USS Boston (CA 69/CAG 1/CA 69)
USS Bremerton (CA 130)
USS Bridgeport (CA 127)
USS Brooklyn (ACR 3)
USS Brooklyn (CL 40)
USS Bataan (CL 99/CV 29/CVL 29/AVT 4)
USS Buffalo (CL 110)
USS Cabot (CL 79/CV 28/CVL 28/AVT 3)
USS California (ACR 6)
USS California (DLGN 36/CGN 36)
USS Cambridge (CA 126)
USS Canberra (CA 70/CAG 2/CA 70)
USS Charleston (PG 51)
USS Charlotte (CA 12/ACR 12)
USS Chattanooga (C 16/PG 30/CL 18)
USS Chattanooga (CL 118)
USS Chester (CS 1/CL 1)
USS Chester (CL 27/CA 27)
USS Cheyenne (CL 117)
USS Chicago (CL 29/CA 29)
USS Chicago (CA 136/CG 11)
USS Chosin (CG 65)
USS Cincinnati (CS 6/CL 6)
USS Cleveland (CL 55)
USS Columbia (CL 56)
USS Columbus (CA 74/CG 12)
USS Concord (CS 10/CL 10)
USS Constellation (CC 2)
USS Constitution (CC 5)
USS Cowpens (CL 77/CV 25/CVL 25/AVT 1)
USS Dale (DLG 19/CG 19)
USS Dallas (CA 140) (CA 150)
USS Dayton (CL 105)
USS Denver (CL 58)
USS Detroit (CS 8/CL 8)
USS Des Moines (C 15/PG 29/CL 17)
USS Des Moines (CA 134)
USS Duluth (CL 87)
USS Erie (PG 50)
USS Fall River (CA 131)
USS Fargo (CL 106)
USS Flint (CL 97/CLAA 97)
USS Fox (DLG 33/CG 33)
USS Frederick (USS Maryland (CA 8/ACR 8))
USS Fresno (CL 121/CLAA 121)
USS Galveston (CL 93/CLG 93/CLG 3)
USS Gary (CL 147)
USS Gridley (DLG 21/CG 21)
USS Guam (CB 2)
USS Halsey (DLG 23/CG 23)
USS Harry E. Yarnell (DLG 17/CG 17)
USS Hawaii (CB 3/CBC 1/CB 3)
USS Helena (CL 50)
USS Helena (CA 75) (CL 113)
USS Horne (DLG 30/CG 30)
USS Honolulu (CL 48)
USS Houston (CL 30/CA 30) (CL 81)
USS Huntington (CL 107)
USS Independence (CL 59/CV 22/CVL 22)
USS Indianapolis (CL 35/CA 35)
USS Josephus Daniels (DLG 27/CG 27)
USS Jouett (DLG 29/CG 29)
USS Juneau (CL 52)
USS Juneau (CL 119/CLAA 119)
USS Kansas City (CA 128)
USS Langley (CL 85/CV 27/CVL 27)
USS Leahy (DLG 16/CG 16)
USS Lexington (CC 1/CV 1)
USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55)
USS Little Rock (CL 92/CLG 4/CG 4)
USS Long Beach (CLGN 160/CGN 160/CGN 9)
USS Los Angeles (CA 135)
USS Louisville (CL 28/CA 28)
USS Macon (CA 132)
USS Manchester (CL 83)
USS Marblehead (CS 12/CL 12)
USS Memphis (CA 10)
USS Memphis (CS 13/CL 13)
USS Miami (CL 89)
USS Milwaukee (CS 5/CL 5)
USS Minneapolis (CL 36/CA 36)
USS Mississippi (DLGN 40/CGN 40)
USS Missoula (CA 13)
USS Mobile (CL 63)
USS Monterrey (CL 78/CV 26/CVL 26/AVT 2)
USS Montgomery (C 9)
USS Montpelier (CL 57),
USS Nashville (CL 43)
USS New Haven (CL 109)
USS New Haven (CLK 2)
USS New Orleans (PG 34/CL 22)
USS New Orleans (CL 32/CA 32)
USS New York (ACR 2) (also known as the Saratoga, Rochester)
USS Newport News (CA 148)
USS Newark (C 1)
USS Newark (CL 100/CV 30/CVL 30/AVT 5)
USS Newark (CL 108)
USS Norfolk (CA 137)
USS Norfolk (CLK 1/DL 1)
USS Normandy (CG 60)
USS Northampton (CL 26/CA 26)
USS Northampton (CA 125/CLC 1/CC 1)
USS Oakland (CL 95/CLAA 95)
USS O’Higgins
USS Oklahoma City (CL 91/CLG 5/CG 5)
USS Olympia (C 6/CA 15/CL 15)
USS Omaha (CS 4/CL 4)
USS Oregon City (CA 122)
USS Pasadena (CL 65)
USS Pensacola (CL 24/CA 24)
USS Philadelphia (CL 41)
USS Philippines (CB 4)
USS Phoenix (CL 46)
USS Pittsburgh (CA 4)
USS Pittsburgh (CA 72)
USS Portland (CL 33/CA 33)
USS Portsmouth (CL 102)
USS Princeton (CL 61/CV 23/CVL 23)
USS Providence (CL 82/CLG 6/CG 6)
USS Pueblo (CA 7)
USS Puerto Rico (CB 5)
USS Raleigh (CS 7/CL 7)
USS Ranger (CC 4)
USS Reeves (DLG 24/CG 24)
USS Reno (CL 96/CLAA 96)
USS Reprisal (CL 100/CV 30/CVL 30/AVT 5)
USS Resolute
USS Richmond (CS 9/CL 9)
USS Richmond K. Turner (DLG 20/CG 20)
USS Roanoke (CL 114) (CL 145)
USS Rochester (CA 2) (CA 124)
USS Salem (CS 3/CL 3)
USS Saipan (CV 48/CVL 48/AVT 6/CC 3/AGMR 3)
USS Salem (CA 139)
USS Salt Lake City (CL 25/CA 25)
USS Samoa (CB 6)
USS San Diego (CA 6) (CL 53/CLAA 53)
USS San Francisco (C 5) (also known as the Tahoe and Yosemite)
USS San Francisco (CA 38)
USS San Jacinto (CL 100/CV 30/CVL 30/AVT 5)
USS San Juan (CL 54/CLAA 54)
USS Santa Fe (CL 60)
USS Saratoga (CC 3/CV 3)
USS Savannah (CL 42)
USS Scranton (CA 138)
USS Seattle (CA 11)
USS South Carolina (DGLN 37/CGN 37)
USS Spokane (CL 120/CLAA 120/AG 191)
USS Springfield (CL 66/CLG 7/CG 7)
USS St. Louis (C 20) (CL 49)
USS St. Paul (CA 73)
USS Sterret (DLG 31/CG 31)
USS Tallahassee (CL 116)
USS Texas (DLGN 39/CGN 39)
USS Ticonderoga (DDG 47/CG 47)
USS Toledo (CA 133)
USS Topeka (CL 67/CLG 8)
USS Trenton (CS 10/CL 11)
USS Truxtun (DLGN 35/CGN 35)
USS Tucson (CL 98/CLAA 98)
USS Tulsa (CA 129)
USS Tuscaloosa (CA 37)
USS Vallejo (CL 112)
USS Vallejo (CL 146)
USS Vicksburg (CL 86)
USS Vincennes (CA 44) (CL 64)
USS Virginia (DLGN 38/CGN 38)
USS Wainwright (DLG 28/CG 28)
USS Wichita (CA 45)
USS Wilkes Barre (CL 103)
USS William H. Standley (DLG 32/CG 32)
USS Wilmington (CL 111)

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