Asbestos was commonly used on military vessel because of its resistance to heat and fire. All ships built before the mid 1970s were filled with asbestos-containing materials. These asbestos materials were used in engine and boiler rooms, navigation rooms, sleeping quarters and mess halls. As a result, Armed Forces Veterans have a great risk of developing asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma.

Please select the type of ship from the list below for information regarding military ships and potential asbestos-exposure.

Military Ship Index

Navy Battleships & Asbestos Exposure
Navy Carriers & Asbestos Exposure
Navy Cruisers & Asbestos Exposure
Navy Carrier & Destroyer Escorts & Asbestos Exposure
Navy Destroyers & Asbestos Exposure
Navy Destroyer, Mine layer, Tender and Light Escorts & Asbestos ExposureNavy Frigates & Asbestos Exposure
Navy Guided Missile Destroyer, Guided Missile Frigate and Radar Picket Destroyer
Navy Submarines & Asbestos Exposure


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